Why Rikardia?

Rikardia was born from our passion for practices that promote a happier and healthier life, and our desire to create a platform where people can learn about and explore ways to help themselves. We both grew up in households that sought alternative solutions and have experienced firsthand how effective various therapies and practices can be.

When Helen became a practitioner of biodynamic breathwork and trauma release, she saw how challenging it was to become visible. She then realized the other part of her dream – to create a platform featuring different practitioners and their therapies.

The name Rikardia was chosen because of our strong connection to nature. Rikardia is a type of moss. Mosses are mystical plants that turn the land green through their network. We liked the idea of people finding the right practice in the right place, creating a network that expands.

About the Practices

Our platform now features a wide range of therapies and practices, many of which we have personal stories with. Some of these stories have even been recorded in videos.

If you’re encountering these therapies and practices for the first time and feel overwhelmed by the choices, we recommend reading, watching, and feeling through the information available. If you’re still unsure, there’s a test on the homepage to guide you toward suitable practices.

If several practices seem right for you, feel free to try and combine them. If a particular therapy stands out, we recommend undergoing a longer course for the best results.

The most important thing is to listen to your intuition, see what fits, and let go of all expectations. Allow yourself to experience. Changes usually don’t happen overnight. Perhaps one session won’t solve all your issues, but it will help you take a step forward on your journey. After all, life is just a journey.

Helen Haava

  • Practitioner of Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release (BBTRS)
  • Founder of Rikardia

I’ve always been fascinated by humans and their limitless capabilities. This has driven me to study various therapy, mind, and body techniques, and to delve into the nuances of healthy nutrition over the past 16 years. I believe in collaboration, the body’s self-healing ability, mutual support, science, and that we are meant to live joyfully.

KHA_9837 - by Karen Harms
Britta Burket

Britta Burket

  • Coach and Mentor
  • Founder of Rikardia

For years, I’ve understood the need to be in tune with the messages from our bodies. Through years of self-development, practices, and exercises, I have learned to better balance and manage my emotions, getting less irritated and remaining physically healthy. My dream is for the path to better well-being to be simple and quick.

Kristina Kalvet

  • Strategist and Thought Partner

Being happy and living in harmony is what many of us strive for. However, through my own and others’ experiences, I’ve seen how difficult it can sometimes be and the numerous obstacles we face. Various practices have greatly helped me on my journey. My mission is to help people be happy and live fully while prioritizing their well-being.

Helen Kaljusaar

Helen Kaljusaar

  • Marketer

After joining the Rikardia team, my eyes opened to self-development and self-healing. With the help of some therapies, I overcame severe skin issues and anxiety within a few months. My personal experience has fostered a deep passion for the world of self-development and a desire to share Rikardia’s message with even more people.

Each one of us, who are part of the seven billion inhabitants of this planet, has a role and responsibility in creating a happy society. Creating a happy life begins with oneself, one's family, and community, and spreads from there across the entire world.

Dalai Lama